Mary Martha Lutheran Missions

We chose this name from the passage of the Gospel of St. Luke 10: 38-42. Who shall we be Mary? Martha? The obvious answer is Mary. Mary chose to listen to the words of our Savior Jesus Christ. Martha chose to busy herself with temporal and earthly things. Poor Martha, she just didn’t get it.

Poor Martha indeed! It is true that we can get caught up in our earthly lives, thereby forgetting what is truly important. However, let us not judge poor Martha to harshly. She was, after all, attending to our Lord. She was trying to make this as pleasant of a stay as she could. There are, after all, different ways of serving our Lord. We can do so with our hands (works) or with our ears (faith). Martha just had her priorities all mixed up. The two should compliment each other, but faith must come first!!

Fittingly, the name Mary comes first. If Martha (works) comes first, without faith, no works are pleasing to God. Mary (faith) has to come first and then followed by Martha (works) done out of love for our Savior Jesus Christ. This is then pleasing to God.

Who are we? Mary? Martha? We are both! We must place God first in our lives. We must live our lives for God. First, by diligently staying in the word, placing all hope and confidence in our Lord Jesus. Then in faith and love we apply works in service to our Lord. If we do this, we will actually and rightly live up to the name Mary Martha Lutheran Missions.

We invite all women at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church to come to our meetings, social events and any of our activities we have going on. We enjoy our times together, and love sharing and caring for all others. If you have any questions please contact the church office at 217-877-2967. 


Our Mission Statement:

The mission of the Mary Martha Lutheran Missions is to assist each woman of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in affirming her relationship with the Triune God so that she is enabled to use her gifts in Ministry to the people of the world.


The MMLM Prayer

Lord, lay some soul upon my heart, and love

That soul through me. And may I gladly do

My part to win that soul for thee. Amen


Below you will find our dates and times of meetings and events:




Funeral Dinner


Mite Box Devotion

“SON” Shine


Mission Service